Best Home Wind Turbine

Electricity bills really can be a pain, but unfortunately, electricity is something that is used to run pretty much every household on the planet.

Or it at least plays a part in running every household. Due to the price of your electricity bills you may be looking for a better source for your electricity.

That’s where renewable energy sources come into play, not only will renewable energy lower your carbon footprint which is incredibly beneficial in regards to saving the planet but it will save you lots of money on your bills.

That may lead you down a road of where you want to get your renewable energy from. Some people might prefer solar power.

The problem with solar power is that realistically you want to be in a hotter part of the world. Which leads many people to consider getting a home wind turbine installed to produce their electricity.

If you are unsure on what you should be looking for when it comes to your home wind turbine then you have come to the right place.

Fortunately for you we have gathered all of the information that you will need in regards to which is the best home wind turbine system for you.

Small House Made Of Wood And White Wind Turbines In The Country By Beautiful Weather.
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TESUP MasterX Wind Turbine

Tesup 1 Kw And 24 Kwh/Day Max Master X Wind Turbine (Made In Europe)

This particular wind turbine comes fitted with LED lights that are at the top of it. You may wonder why that is necessary.

The reason that this is a necessary feature for a wind turbine is that it will alert birds to not fly into it.

This will stop any chance of you waking up with a dead bird on your property and makes it a much safer product.

It can even generate power in low winds, this is due to the 1KW power generation that this wind turbine can produce, this makes it an ideal wind turbine regardless of your location in the world.

If you were concerned that there is not enough wind where you are located in the world then this problem can fade away for you.

It is also an incredibly environmentally friendly product as all of the parts are biodegradable, this again helps lower your carbon footprint and makes you a much more green friendly citizen.

Many people switch to wind or solar power to lower their carbon footprint in the first place so the fact that all the parts of this product are biodegradable is an excellent feature.


  • All parts are biodegradable.
  • Can generate power even in extremely low wind
  • Has LED lights to alert birds at night time that there is in fact something there.


  • Is on the expensive side of things.
TESUP 1 KW and 24 kWh/Day Max Master X Wind Turbine (Made in Europe)
  • 1 kW power generation.
  • Rotation starts at 3 m/s wind speed, then rotates smoothly and freely.
  • Corrosion-resistant superior carbon fiber body. Ability to operate at very cold temperatures (up to -50°C).

Automaxx Windmill (DB-400)

Windmill (Db-400) 400W 12V Wind Turbine Generator Kit

This particular windmill is perfect for people who want to love off the grid.

Whether you live in a tiny house, RV truck or even a sailboat this wind turbine will work perfectly for you at generating electricity and lowering your carbon footprint, as well as saving you some money on your electricity bill.

It is also protected against things like corrosion and high wind speeds which will make this an extremely durable product.

The reason that you need protection against high winds is because it could damage the propeller part of the turbine.

You may think that more wind would mean more energy but unfortunately that isn’t necessarily the case. The last thing you want is a strong wind damaging your turbine.

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You also have a 1 year manufacturers warranty with this product, this means that if the turbine isn’t exactly what you expected and isn’t working out perfectly for you, maybe something has become damaged and you need it repaired.

Well with the warranty you have a year to sort that out with no extra cost to you.


  • Great for people who want to live off grid
  • Very durable product that is protected against high wind speeds and corrosion from salt water.
  • 1 year warranty


  • Will need wind speeds of 14mph to generate power.
Windmill (DB-400) 400W 12V Wind Turbine Generator kit
  • ✅ FEATURES: Made for both land and marine. Integrated automatic braking system to protect from sudden and high wind speed. Easy DIY...
  • ✅ PROTECTION AGAINST: Salt water corrosion, UV protection coating, Sudden voltage surge and wind gust, high wind speeds with integrated...
  • ✅ SPECIFICATION: Rated power: 400W, Rated speed: 28 mph, Voltage system: 12V, Cut-in wind speed: 6.7mph, Suggested battery capacity: 50A or...

Primus Wind Power Air 40 Wind Turbine

Primus Wind Power 1-Ar40-10-12 Air 40 Wind Turbine 12V

Again another great home wind turbine is the one that is manufactured by Primus. It is an extremely lightweight product weighing only 13 pounds, this will make the installation process much easier.

Having to put up a wind turbine that is much heavier can present a few difficulties for people, so the ease that this brings to the installation process is a very welcomed one.

The blades are also designed in a way that they will not create noise pollution. A big fear for people who are nervous about purchasing a home wind turbine is the noise that it will make.

This can be off putting for some people, luckily with this specific wind turbine that issue will be a thing of the past.

It will also produce 40kwh per month which can be generated at a range of different speeds.

That means regardless of where you live in the world you will be able to generate enough power monthly to power your house and will not need to rely on an extremely windy day to generate enough power for you, this means this might be the perfect product for anyone looking to save some money and lower their carbon footprint regardless of where they are in the world.


  • This is an extremely lightweight product.
  • The wind turbine will not create a lot of noise
  • Can generate power at a multiple of different wind speeds.


  • Has been known to poorly perform.
Primus Wind Power 1-AR40-10-12 Air 40 Wind Turbine 12V
  • Advanced microprocessor technology for superior performance and high wind protection without mechanical braking.
  • Blades designed for quieter operation, durability and optimum energy capture in most wind speeds.
  • Lightweight design is simple and easy-to-install; integrated controller for plug-and-play operation

GOWE 3KW Wind Turbine

Gowe 3Kw Grid Tie Wind Turbine Generator

With this particular product you will need to supply the supporting rod yourself, but if you already have a supporting rod on your property then you should be good to go with the installation process.

The product itself weighs around 2.2 pounds so is considered an extremely lightweight product.

It has a voltage of 230 this is an extremely high number and therefore needs to be treated as such, an electrocution at this voltage can cause death.

However, due to it being so powerful it is an incredibly good wind turbine system that will generate lots of power to your home.

This product is a very expensive one and the most expensive on the list by far.

This means that it may take you a while to notice the money you are saving by having a wind turbine, but the more expensive a product is means that it is a higher quality product.

Although it may take a while to notice the money that you are saving on this product you will be lowering your carbon footprint which could be very important to you as a person.

You can also pay in a payment plan which may be more affordable to some people.

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  • This is a very lightweight product
  • It is an extremely powerful wind turbine
  • Offers you a more affordable payment plan


  • You will need to supply the supporting rod yourself which can be off putting for some people who would prefer the item all comes together as one.
GOWE 3KW grid tie wind turbine generator
  • Grid tie 3KW wind power system. Including: 1pcs 3KW wind turbine; 1pcs 3KW grid tie controller; 1pcs 3KW grid tie inverter; After your order...

Automaxx 1500W Windmill

Automaxx Windmill 1500W 24V 60A Wind Turbine Generator Kit. Automatic And Manual...

When this windmill stands at its height it will reach 22 feet.

This means that it is big enough to tower over your house and get proper air flow to the turbine to generate enough power to provide electricity to your house.

The installation process is also incredibly easy and something that you can do yourself.

This is also compatible with both solar power and any hybrid systems that you may have going on in your house.

This will mean that if you have solar panels alsp you won’t need to rely solely on the wind turbine to create enough power for you to provide for your house.

It also means that you don’t need to live in an extremely windy part of the world to get the most out of the windmill.

It also has an integrated braking system which is both automatic and manual, this means that it will not become damaged with strong winds unlike some products that can’t cope with the pressure that the high wind speeds will create.

Although it isn’t as expensive as the last product on this list it still is quite expensive.


  • Compatible with both solar and other hybrid energy systems that you may have
  • Has a manual and automatic braking system so that strong winds won’t damage the product.
  • Is tall enough to stand over most houses and get proper wind flow to generate power.


  • Is on the expensive side of things.
Automaxx Windmill 1500W 24V 60A Wind Turbine Generator kit. Automatic and Manual...
  • ✅ Integrated Automatic & Manual Braking System.
  • ✅ Compatible with Solar/ Hybrid Systems.
  • ✅ High-quality Polypropylene and Glass Fiber material with all-weather UV protection coating

GOWE Grid Tie 800W Wind Turbine

Gowe Grid Tie 800W Wind Turbine Generator +Controller + Waterproof Grid Tie Inverter

This particular wind turbine is waterproof and won’t become damaged by excessive rain if you live in a wetter part of the world.

If it is not waterproof the internal components can become damaged as they get wet.

Also installed is LED lights which will indicate when an issue has come up with the wind turbine, each light means a specific thing, or each pattern of the lights mean a specific thing.

The manual will indicate exactly what the issue is so that you can fix it.

You will need to supply the tower for this product but the actual turbine is extremely lightweight, this will be due to the materials that have been used in the manufacturing process of the product.


  • Waterproof so internal components don’t get damaged
  • LED lights to indicate specific problems that have occurred.
  • A Lightweight product.


  • You will need to supply the support rod.
GOWE Grid tie 800W wind turbine generator +controller + Waterproof Grid tie inverter
  • This items including : 2pcs 400W wind turbine with grid tie controller ,2pcs waterproof grid tie inverter ! Why Off Grid Systems Should Include...
  • Note: The inverter group of at most 6 inverters can be used for the 220V grid, and that of at most 4 inverters can be used for the 110V grid....
  • LED Lamp Indication: Green LED: Operation indicator, which flashes at high frequency; Red LED: Failure indicator, which flashes slowly; Blue LED:...

Buyers Guide

Power Generation

When it comes to your wind turbine you will need to generate quite a bit of power to be able to provide enough power to power your house.

For that reason it is an extremely important thing to consider, due to the price of some of the wind turbines you will want to make sure that before you make your purchase it will produce enough energy to power your house.

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Obviously reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills sounds like a very nice thought, you may not be able to do that if you purchase a Windmill that has a low power output.

The above listed products all have a powerful power output and will generate enough power for your home.

This is something that should be at the forefront of your mind when making your decision for what is the best wind turbine for your home.

Like mentioned, the above products will generate enough power for you.

Low Wind Speeds

Low wind speeds can be a real killer for windmills if they can’t generate power at low speeds.

Obviously you can’t yourself determine how strong the winds are going to be and you certainly can’t make them any stronger if it just isn’t a windy day, that’s why you will want a wind turbine that can generate enough power at extremely low wind speeds.

You may live in a part of the world where strong winds simply do not come around very often.

Instead of sticking with your energy company consider a turbine that will still generate power at low speeds.

This is highly important to consider as it will essentially determine how good the windmill is, if it can only operate during stronger winds then it is not a very universal product.

For that reason before you make your final decision, consider the winds that you are used to and experience on a regular basis to determine if your wind turbine can generate enough power from them.

Braking Systems

Braking systems are a very necessary feature of a wind turbine, like previously mentioned it is not possible to determine the speed of the winds, in some cases they may be very strong winds which can actually damage the turbine.

If it is being blown to fast then it will spin more than you want it to which could lead to damage on the internal components, regardless on if the braking system is automatic or manual it is often highly important that you do in fact have a braking system to combat this.


Weight is also important to consider in terms of the process of putting your wind turbine up, you want your turbine to be lightweight but not so light that a strong wind can blow the whole thing over.

Some of the products mentioned above are extremely lightweight but you will need to supply your own support rod with them.

This isn’t the worst thing in the world but in that case it is important that the unit you have is easy to handle and doesn’t weigh you down. For that reason it is extremely important to consider.


The ease of installation is also very necessary to consider with regards to your wind turbine.

Obviously when you first look at a wind turbine you may be intimidated by it, mainly because you might not know exactly what to do when it comes to setting it up.

If you struggle to set it up and can’t get it to work properly then the whole purchase becomes void and you are stuck in the exact same place as you previously were, wind turbine-less and producing a carbon footprint.

For that reason it is highly important to consider how easy you will find the installation of the product.


Noise again is an important aspect to consider when it comes to your wind turbine, some may make a lot of noise which will not really be suitable for a residential area.

Others may have specific blades that will n=be extremely quiet during the process of generating your power which will make it a much more suitable product for your residence.

Noise pollution can be a real big turn off for some people because you have to remember that you will live with this noise, for that reason it is important that you select a product that produces very little noise and doesn’t bother you or your neighbors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Braking Systems So Important?

The reason that braking systems are so important is due to the fact that sometimes if a wind is at an extremely high speed then it can create too much pressure for the turbine to handle it comfortably which will lead to damage of the internal components.

Braking systems can be automatic which means that the turbine will fix the issue on its own, if it is manual then you will have to apply it yourself to stop this from causing any issue.

Is Noise Really That Big Of An Issue?

Not if you select a product that has a low noise output then no.

The reason it is important to have a quiet turbine is simply because it can be unpleasant for you and your neighbors so it is in your best interest to purchase a turbine that creates very little noise.

Are They Easy To Install?

At first a wind turbine may look like it is going to be very difficult for you to install, fortunately these products are all installed with ease.