7 Examples Of Geothermal Energy (Untapped Power)

Geothermal power plant

Geothermal energy is the third-largest renewable energy source, second to biomass and hydropower. It is an almost never-ending clean energy supply created deep in the earth’s molten core.Examples of geothermal energy are:Geothermal power … Read more

Install A Heat Pump (Tips and Tricks)

Man installing a heat pump

A homeowner can install their own heat pump. Heat Pump and Central Air Conditioning systems have always been a little mysterious to most homeowners. They are complex devices and can be a little … Read more

Is Geothermal Worth It? (This Is Why)

Heat pump units in a yard

It is important to look at the industrial, national, and domestic scales to discuss renewable energy. Each contributes to the overall answer as to whether Geothermal is indeed worth it.Geothermal is one of … Read more