Best Inverter Generator For An RV (Motorhome Power!)

Traveling in an RV can be a very fun and pleasant way to do your traveling. They are often spacious and very comfortable. When you have an RV, you may also have many appliances that need some power to work.

Luckily, you can use things such as inverter generators to power the appliances up. Generators can be quite daunting, especially if you’ve never used one.

You may struggle to know exactly what you want in a good generator. We have gathered all the relevant information you will need to decide which is the best inverter generator for you and your RV.

You will be covered whether that is the voltage and power output to what they can power for you. So with that being said, let’s get started. 

Pulsar Portable Gas Powered Inverter Generator 

Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator With Usb Outlet &Amp;...

This inverter generator manufactured by Pulsar is an extremely lightweight product weighing only 47 pounds. It also comes fitted with a handle at the top of the device, making carrying it to whatever location you need a very easy possibility.

Portability is this generator’s middle name, and we can see why. It has a tank capacity of 1.18 gallons and can run for over 8 hours when you have a full tank.

That is highly impressive and will mean that when it comes to charging things like your mobile phone or laptop when you are camping in your RV that is a very easy task for this inverter generator and will provide you a full night of power.

This will be very handy in times of need that can occur when you are camping in your RV.

The size of the generator also makes it a very good generator for RVs as it won’t take up that much room. It’s 19.7X 11.22 X 17.91. This will ensure that it doesn’t take up too much space in your RV, which can make or break a product.

If it were too big, you would find that it took up too much space and wouldn’t be as useful for RV camping. However, it is a little expensive.

Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator with USB Outlet &...
  • 2,300 peak watts/ 1,800 running watts
  • Capable of up to 4.8 hours of operation at Half Load on 1.18 gallons of fuel
  • Compact suitcase design, weighing less than 47 lbs For easy handling


  • A lightweight and portable product that can come in very handy.
  • Impressive tank capacity and long run time.
  • Great space saver and isn’t too big.


  • On the expensive side of things.

Westinghouse iGen2200 Portable Inverter Generator 

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 2200 Peak Watt Super Quiet &Amp; Lightweight...

This particular inverter generator has an incredibly impressive run time of 12 hours, this will be long enough to provide you with a whole night of power. The impressive run time is due to the tank capacity volume, which is 1.14 gallons.

You can even put it in an economy mode, which means it will be using less fuel to run and will save you money in the long run. This is a welcomed feature as the generator is fairly expensive. 

It is an incredibly lightweight product weighing only 46 pounds and also having a handle on the top of the device, this makes it an incredibly portable product when paired with the actual weight of the generator.

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This will ensure that you can carry the generator for long time and will not add a lot of weight to your RV when you take it on the road with you.

The product measures out at 19.8 X 11.4 x 17.9.

This makes it an incredibly good space saver when it is placed in your RV, is a very important factor because you don’t want the generator to be taking up too much room in your RV because it will leave less room for you to move about freely.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 2200 Peak Watt Super Quiet & Lightweight...
  • 1800 Rated Watts and 2200 Peak Watts at Less Than 3% THD - Weighs Only 47.4 Lbs. - Gas Powered - Two 120V 20 Amp Outlets; Two USB Outlets
  • Great Choice for Home Use as an Emergency Backup in a Power Outage - Strong Enough to Run All Your Home Essentials
  • Extremely Quiet, Extremely Fuel Efficient: as Low as 52 dBA Noise Output and 12 Hour Run Time on a 1. 2 Gallon Gas Tank - Features "Economy Mode"...


  • Very lightweight product
  • Portable fitted with a handle
  • Great space saver


  • Is fairly expensive.

Honda 662220 EU2200i Inverter Generator

Honda 662220 Eu2200I 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

This inverter generator’s tank capacity is a little bit smaller than a few of the others on this list, coming at just 0.95 gallons. This will mean that the generator may not run for a similar amount of time as some of the others on this list though you should be guaranteed around 6 hours at least of run time when you have a full tank of fuel for the generator.

This will still be enough time to provide a charge for some of your appliances and can still be used overnight in some capacity. The product is also an incredibly quiet inverter generator which may come as a surprise to you as generators can often make quite a lot of noise. The reason this happens is that they essentially vibrate when they are turned on.

Luckily this device has little protective feet that will stop the vibrations from hitting the surface, which can cause damage to the device and the actual surface, and it will also keep noise pollution to a minimum.

It is the perfect generator for construction sites and for when you are camping in your RV, as it is powerful enough to power a wide range of items such as lights or your phone and laptop.

This could come in very handy when you are camping and need a form of power to make sure your appliances are working properly.

Honda 662220 EU2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator
  • This popular model can operate a wide variety of appliances, making it perfect for portable use at home, camping, on the job site, or much more....
  • So quiet, your neighbors will thank you. The EU2200i operates at 48 to 57 dBA, which is less noise than a normal conversation. This makes it...
  • Add a second EU2200i for additional power. Two identical models can be paralleled with an optional cable or cord for up to 4400 watts of power,...


  • Very quiet generator 
  • Durable and quiet
  • Powerful


  • Smaller tank capacity

Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500 Inverter Generator

Generac 7127 Iq3500 3,500-Watt Gas-Powered Portable Generator, Carb Compliant

This is a much heavier inverter generator weighing in at 109.1 pounds. Though being a much heavier inverter generator than the others on this list, it is still a very quiet product. This is due to the advanced technology used when crafting this device.

This will ensure that you are able to get a full night’s sleep while not having to worry about being woken up by the sound that it is making. 

The product is 23.7 X 18 X 21.7. This ensures that the product won’t take up a lot of room in your RV and will still leave you plenty of space to move around freely and not feel like you are being crowded in by your appliances.

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Feeling claustrophobic in an RV is a very prominent issue with them for some people so it is important that you can save space when you need to do that.

It is also incredibly easy to operate with its electric start power dial, this will ensure that you do not feel overwhelmed when you are first getting used to using the inverter generator.

Some generators can be very difficult to get up and running so having an easy to operate feature on this specific generator is a really welcomed feature and will make your overall experience a much better one than if you were to use a generator that you struggle to get started.

Generac 7127 IQ3500 3,500-Watt Gas-Powered Portable Generator, CARB Compliant
  • ULTRA-QUIET – 40% Quieter than Honda Advanced inverter technology and enclosure design provide optimal quiet performance (Over 5 dB(A) quieter...
  • Ideal for work or play - durable steel enclosure, clean inverter power and easy portability make this the ideal generator for jobsites or...
  • 16% more power than Honda, Featuring power rush advanced technology.Rated AC Frequency:60 Hz


  • Very quiet device
  • Great space-saving device
  • Very easy to operate


  • Much heavier than some of the other available generators.

WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

Wen 56200I 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator, Carb Compliant

This is a very portable generator which will make it perfect for your RV. It has a handle placed at the top of the generator, making it very easy to carry. This helps with its portability factors and also its convenience factors.

The product is als incredibly lightweight weighing only 48 pounds, this again helps with how portable and easy to carry the inverter generator actually is.

The generator is also 18 X 11 X 18 inches, this makes it a great space saver, which is again very important for your RV, ensuring that you won’t feel claustrophobic in your RV.

Like stated above, this is a very prominent issue that some people may experience in RVs, so when it is possible to save space, you definitely should, though this is an expensive generator.

The tank capacity is 1 gallon which will ensure that you can run the generator for an extremely long time. On a quarter load of fuel, it can run for 9.4 hours.

This will mean that you are being very fuel efficient and not even have to supply a full tank of fuel for this generator to provide you with a full night of power.

This can come in handy and save you lots of money in the longer term because you won’t have to fill the tank with gas repeatedly. It will make your experience with the generator a much better one.

Wen 56200I 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator, Carb Compliant
1,559 Reviews
WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant
  • Dimensions: 18" x 11" x 18" | Weight: 48 lbs
  • Noise Level: 53 dB operation
  • EPA III and CARB Compliant 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine produces 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts


  • Very portable design
  • It is a great space-saving product
  • Very long run time.


  • It is on the expensive side of things. 
Best Inverter Generator For An Rv

Inverter Generator For An RV Buyers Guide


One of the most important factors for you to consider when it comes to your inverter generator is if the product is durable, the reason for this is because when you are camping in your RV you may want to take it off-road along some tougher terrain.

That is fine and can be a lot of fun, but it will mean that the product will need to be very impact resistant; if a product is not impacted resistant, then it can be easily damaged, meaning that it will not work to the best of it ability, realistically every product you purchase should be in some way very durable.

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This will ensure that you can worry-free that you have seriously damaged the item if you take it on some more off-road routes in your RV.

For that reason the durability of your generator should be at the forefront of your mind when deciding which is the best generator for you and your RVs specific needs.


Again the portability of the device is something that you will want to look into with more importance than some other aspects because you will occasionally need to move the generator to a new location, so it is important that you can do that with ease and convenience.

The part of the generator that will help you with the ease of carrying it is the handle that is often located at the top of the device.

This will ensure that you can pick the device up in a relatively comfortable position and will mean that you don’t have to carry it with two hands, for example.

As stated, this is one of the most important things you are considering when making your decision, so the generator must be incredibly portable because it will make your life much easier, which is kind of the whole point of a generator.


Again the weight of the generator is very important to consider when you are making your decision. The reason for this is that it will ensure that you can carry the product with ease. If a device is too heavy, you will struggle to carry the generator anywhere you need to move it.

The weight you should be aiming for to carry it with ease is in between 40 pounds and 50 pounds, this will ensure that it is a lightweight product.

The lightweight nature of a product again can make or break how useful you find it, but the lightweight that a generator is will mean that it will add less weight to your RV, and you will be able to save some money on fuel as it will not weigh the RV down so much.


The size of the generator, again is an incredibly important aspect for you to consider when it comes time to make your decision. You want your generator to be quite small to save the most space in your RV.

If you take up too much space, you will find it difficult for you to move around freely, which can cause a feeling of claustrophobia which can be a real issue when traveling in RVs, so any space that you can save you really should because you will benefit a lot more from it.

Run Time

The run time is something that needs to be considered with great importance. The reason for this is because what good is it having a generator that can only be used for 2 hours, as minimum you should aim for 8 hours, this will ensure that the generator can run for an average night’s sleep.

This may be handy for charging your phone overnight or your laptop. The tank capacity often determines the run time.

The tank capacity you should be aiming for is around 1 gallon at a minimum, this will be long enough to provide you with power for a decent amount of time.


Again the noise that  generator makes is sometimes unavoidable but you can reduce the noise that it does make. The way this is often done is by having little protective feet on the bottom of the generator, which will stop the generator from vibrating against the floor, causing it to make a lot of noise.

Luckily many of the above products have these protective little feet that will reduce the overall noise output that the generator will produce.

As stated, this is very important to consider, so you should again be at the forefront of your mind when you make your decision on which is the best generator for you and your RV.

Inverter Generator FAQs

Why Is It Important That The Generator Is Quiet?

It is important because when you are using the generator you may be using it overnight to provide charge to your mobile phone or your laptop, for example.

And if you are charging them overnight and want to sleep, you will find it very difficult to do that if it is making too much noise, the above generators are all fairly quiet and you shouldn’t experience that issue with them.

What Is A Good Run Time For A Generator?

A good run time for a generator is anything above 8 hours, this will ensure a long enough time to charge almost anything that you will need. Any less won’t really be long enough to provide you with all the power that you may need.

Are The Above Products Portable?

Many of the above products are very portable due to the generator’s handle and weight.