Are Tesla Solar Panels Worth It? 

Tesla solar roofs are an investment that adds value to your house, reduces electricity bills, and contributes to the use of clean energy. Tesla solar panels have a 25-year warranty and price-match guarantees to a high-quality product at an affordable price. 

Despite Tesla’s price-match guarantee, installing Tesla solar panels on your roof is costly. Before-tax incentives, installing Tesla solar panels on your roof costs between $8,000 and $35,000.

Like other home remodels, installing Tesla solar panels is an upfront cost with future benefits to your home. The hassle of installation, permissions, and cost raises the question: are Tesla solar panels worth it in the long run? 

In this Tesla solar roof review, we will look into frequently asked questions about Tesla solar roof tiles, selling a house with Telsa solar panels, and the answer to the 8,000 to 35,000 dollar question; are Tesla solar panels worth it? 

Tesla Tilburg assembly plant roof solar
Tesla Tilburg assembly plant roof solar – Image by Jakob Härter

How Much Power Does a Tesla Solar Panel Roof Produce?

The amount of power produced by a Tesla solar panel or solar tile roof depends on several factors: 

The Angles of your Roof 

The sun hits the angles of your roof with greater intensity depending on its position in the sky. 

Certain angle positionings of solar panels will produce better output at certain hours of the day. The benefit of Tesla solar panels vs. a Tesla solar tile roof is that solar panels can be angled to absorb the sun at the hours you need it most. 

Shadows Cast 

Tesla solar panels do not have microinverters. Tesla panels use a string inverter that transfers energy efficiently. 

The downside of string inverters? A shadow cast on one portion of the solar panel will reduce energy output for all panels in that connection. 

The effect of shadows on solar panels with string inverters can be offset by installing power optimizers. Keep in mind that more hardware means more upfront costs. 


Tesla solar panels are photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight and convert it to usable energy. 

The amount of yearly sunshine in your area will affect energy production throughout the year. 

On days without sunlight, the Powerwall releases stored energy allowing you to continue using solar energy until the sun returns. The size of the Powerwall, energy usage, and the length of time between sunny days will affect how long your Powerwall lasts. 


Tesla solar panels and Tesla solar tile roofs can withstand the elements. 

During rainfall, your roof will not produce energy. However, users typically see a minor increase in output after the rain. 

Rain is a natural way to maintain your solar panels as it washes away dust and dirt. Snow coverage, on the other hand, hinders solar panels from outputting energy. This is why Tesla solar panels are heated for all-season use. 

Can a Tesla Roof Power a House? 

Yes, Tesla solar-paneled roofs generate enough electricity to power a house

Tesla solar panels convert DC electricity to AC electricity through the inverter. The amount of solar panels installed determines the number of kilowatts produced. Determine how many kilowatts you need from your solar panels by monitoring your average monthly energy usage. 

Some examples of power produced by Tesla solar panels include: 

  • 12 Tesla solar panels produce 4.8 kW
  • 24 Tesla solar panels produce 9.6 kW
  • 36 Tesla solar panels produce 14.4 kW
  • 48 Tesla solar panels produce 19.2 kW 

Can a Tesla roof power a house during a power outage?

Yes, Tesla solar-paneled roofs generate enough energy to power a house during power outages. This comes with a caveat. You need a Tesla Powerwall to store excess power for later use, like during a power outage. 

Tesla Powerwalls are now mandatory to purchase with solar panel systems, which have a huge effect on price since the initial Powerwall costs approximately $10,000. Extra Powerwalls are cheaper, around $7,000 each additionally. 

Why Would You Need an Additional Powerwall? 

Tesla Powerwalls store 12.2 kilowatts of power. However, they have a 5-kilowatt continuous power output. This means if you use more than 5 kilowatts in one moment, your Powerwall output cannot support it. 

Suppose you intend to charge your Tesla vehicle and vacuum your house while using your electric stove during a power outage. In that case, 5 kilowatts of power is not enough to function your lifestyle. 

If 5 kilowatts of continuous power output is not enough for you, an additional Powerwall will double the power distributed. Two Powerwalls have 10 kilowatts of continuous power output. 

Tesla Solar Roof Cost

Tesla solar panels cost between $8,000 to $35,000 with a lot of factors influencing the price.  Complex roofs, shaded areas, and your energy output needs all change the quoted cost. 

Does Tesla’s Solar Price Include Installation?

Yes, the Tesla website gives an option to insert your address and the cost of your current energy bills to help generate a quote for your solar system. 

The quote is broken down to show pricing for solar panels and Powerwalls. The quote includes the cost of installation but excludes sales tax. 

The price includes federal tax credits and applies the negative amount to the overall cost of the system to generate a realistic price. 

Tesla offers two different options for solar roofing that we will look at in detail below. 

Tesla Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels

A Tesla solar roof is a roof built with shingles made from photovoltaic cells. Tesla solar panels are photovoltaic cells installed on top of regular shingles or a tiled roof. 

If you are building a new home or your roof needs complete replacing, then a Tesla solar tiled roof is worth considering. 

If your home is built and the roof is in good condition, installing Tesla solar panels makes greater sense for the price and energy production capabilities. 

Both Tesla solar roofs and solar panels generate enough electricity to power a home for a family. 

Tesla Solar Roof vs. Regular Shingles 

Regular shingles are cheaper than Tesla solar roof tiles and Tesla solar panels. However, this is an apple to oranges comparison. Regular shingles do not produce energy. 

Tesla solar roof tiles protect your home from the elements and produce energy for your home for long-term cost savings. 

Why Is Tesla Solar So Cheap?

Tesla solar is less expensive than many competitors for two important reasons. 

Firstly, Tesla offers a price-match guarantee for comparable products offered at a cheaper price. 

Secondly, Tesla has low Marketing costs. The brand name is recognized worldwide despite spending 0$ on advertising in 2019. 

Is a Tesla Solar Roof Cheaper Than Other Brands?

Yes, Tesla solar roofs are cheaper than, or the same price, as other brands. 

Tesla offers their product with a Price-Match Guarantee. Submit a recent quote from a competitor to the Tesla team. They will compare the quality and services quoted. If it is accepted as comparable, Tesla will match the competitor’s price. 

Some brands offer cheaper solar panels with a higher decrease in power output over time or less efficiency in power generation. 

It is recommended to shop around and get quotes for solar panels from various providers. Determine which company operates in your area that offers the best product, at the best price, and has the best warranty.

How Long Will a Tesla Solar Roof Last?

Tesla solar roofs are built to last over 25-years. Shingle roofs should be replaced every 20 to 25 years. Bear in mind that all solar panels decrease in power output with time.

Tesla solar-powered roofs have a 25-year warranty for design and materials. Tesla’s warranty states that “power output capacity will decline by no more than 0.54% per year for the following 24 years” after installation. 

All Tesla solar products have a ten-year comprehensive warranty that covers the cost of labor for the Powerwall, Solar Inverters, roof mounting, and leaks. 

Tesla has a 12.5-year warranty for Power Inverters. 

How Long Does It Take a Tesla Roof to Pay For Itself?

Depending on your system, energy usage, and average hours of sunshine, Tesla solar-paneled roofs pay for themselves within six to ten years of installation

If you drive a Tesla vehicle and power it with solar-generated electricity, your Tesla roof will offset energy usage for recharging your car and save you on gas. 

Do Solar Panels Ruin Your Roof?

No, Tesla solar panels are installed on top of your roof and do not damage the roof. 

Tesla solar panels sit close to the roof shingles. The proximity to the roof considers ventilation and drainage needs. Tesla panels have a low profile and a concealed edge for a sleek unobtrusive design. 

Do Solar Panels Increase Homeowners Insurance?

Installing solar panels might increase your homeowner’s insurance. Some insurance policies may increase insurance rates based on the additional value of the solar panels to your overall home value. That said, other insurance companies cover roofs as a standard. 

Selling a House With a Tesla Solar Roof 

People often ask: Is it harder to sell a house with solar panels? The answer depends on the needs of the homebuyer. 

Some potential homebuyers might be turned off by the additional sticker price from solar panels. On the other hand, the future reductions in electricity bills are alluring to many potential homebuyers. 

Buying a house with solar panels installed means the new homeowner does not have to deal with the hassle of installation, safety tests, and permissions to operate. 

Data of energy usage is useful to get the most out of a solar-powered roof. New homeowners wanting solar panels will have fewer data points about their energy needs to install new panels. 

Buying a home with solar panels or solar tiles has the energy output of the house already in mind. 

Does Tesla Solar Roof Increase Home Value?

Solar roofs increase the resale value of your home. In some States, the additional resale value is 4.1% more than shingle roofs. 

Tesla’s 25-year warranty is backed by the companies reassurance of longevity. There is little market fear that Tesla will go bankrupt before the warranty period is complete, giving confidence to buyers and inheritors of solar systems.

How Is the Tesla Customer Service Experience?

There are many good things to be said about the quality and performance of Tesla solar panels. However, Tesla’s customer service needs improvement. The process from quote to installation to finally turning the system on generally takes several months with little communication. 

Delays are likely to occur, especially if you have not done your research beforehand and changes need to be made for safety regulations.  

Installing Tesla Solar Panels: Is It Worth It? 

Now that you have an understanding of power production, costs, and the longevity of Tesla solar panels we can answer the question: Is a Tesla solar roof a good investment?

Yes, Tesla solar panels are worth it. Despite the initial expense, consumers who have purchased Tesla solar panels are extremely satisfied with their investment, even a decade after installation. 

Tesla solar panels are durable and come with long warranty periods, should any leaks or failures occur. Solar panels increase the resale value of your home and offset expensive electricity bills. 

The Tesla brand is a reputable name that inspires confidence in buyers while spending virtually nothing on marketing to keep costs affordable. 

Consumers have reassurance with Tesla that warranty claims will be upheld over the decades, as it is unlikely to go bankrupt compared to smaller and newer companies. 

To top it all off, Tesla solar panels are worth the investment because they reduce your daily use of fossil fuels. Track your daily output with the Tesla app and watch as you positively impact the planet day after day for years to come. 

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