Why Wind Turbines Are Big (Amazing Facts)

Wind turbine farm in front of hills

The modern commercial wind turbine is a feat of engineering. Like a small, domestic wind turbine, the primary function is to produce electricity. Unlike a home turbine, a big commercial unit can produce … Read more

Why Wind Turbines Stop (Things To Know)

Three wind turbines in the country with cloudy skies

Solar panels are mostly seen stationary and not spinning. There are several factors behind the workings of solar panels, when and how they work. When we drive from town to town, there’s always … Read more

Do Wind Turbines Use Oil (What Makes Them Turn)

Oil rig and wind turbines

Wind turbines are complex machinery pieces with several moving parts and gearboxes, driveshafts, and rotors (amongst others) that all require lubrication of various kinds to remain operationally effective. Wind turbines use oil and … Read more