Ion Solar Review

With global warming at an all-time high, and a major environmental crisis happening all over the world, now more than ever is the time for all of us- as human beings- to start looking into alternative methods of energy production.

Solar panels are a great way to make a start when it comes to eco-friendly energy, as they are designed to absorb the rays of the sun and utilize these rays as a method of generating heating or electricity.

That being said, solar panels are no longer the only way of harnessing the energy from the sun and turning it into a clean and renewable form of energy.

There are all sorts of solar power systems available now- from the small-such as solar-powered flashlights or battery packs- to the large, like an entirely solar-powered roof!

As with all energy sources, there are companies dedicated to the installation of solar power systems. That is exactly the case with the company that is ION Solar.

In this review, we are going to be delving deeper into ION Solar and examining what it is that they do, how they do it and the positives (and negatives) that you might encounter should you choose them to switch over your current home energy situation. Let’s begin!

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Who Are ION Solar?

ION Solar is a company that provides premium solar equipment, which is custom-built to tailor to the specific energy needs that you might have in your home, whilst also offering an environmentally friendly energy alternative.

This custom nature is achieved via the ION Solar operations teams, who will work with their clients throughout the installation process.

Clients will have in-house installers who are always ready and willing to answer any and all questions whilst they install the client’s chosen solar-powered systems.

This is all a service that is managed in-house by the ION Solar company, with everything beginning and ending with ION Solar and nothing being outsourced.

ION Solar is also a company that- as we mentioned- deals with premium levels of solar equipment as well as premium electrical equipment.

Switching energy methods is likely to be both difficult and expensive, but ION Solar makes sure that there is someone on hand to guide their clients through the process in a simple and easy-to-manage way.

ION Solar is also partnered with Habitat for Humanity, which is a nonprofit organization that specializes in building homes and communities throughout the world.

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This partnership creates opportunities for solar solutions for a variety of different places- such as schools, shelters- homes, and businesses- which can lead to lower utility costs for those who need it the most.

This is done via the ION Earth program, which aims to partner with more charitable organizations in the future, too.

What Is The Main Goal Of ION Solar?

The ultimate goal of ION Solar is to provide customers with an alternative energy solution whilst also providing excellent and knowledgeable customer service as they do so.

Not only that, but ION Solar promotes this greener and cheaper energy alternative by donating a solar power system to one home with every two megawatts of solar power that is installed via their services.

This endorsement method is not only sure to attract attention to solar power as an energy source, but it also offers a great opportunity to give solar power to a household that may not have had access to this before.

ION Solar Stats

Here are a few essential statistics that show the impact that ION Solar is having in homes around America, as well as how they have been able to help their customers significantly cut down on energy bills:

  • ION has helped save their customers around $546,077, 315 in electric bills since they have switched to solar energy.
  • The company has installed more than 101,612,815 watts of power within its solar energy systems since it began business.
  • ION Solar holds fourth place in the ranks of the largest nationwide residential solar installer providers across the United States of America.

The company is one that is clearly growing, thanks to the need for more and more of us to find alternative energy methods that can not only offer a cheaper option but also a greener option.

How Does The Process Of Switching To Solar Power Systems With ION Solar Work?

Let’s have a look at the process that ION Solar implement in regard to switching a client’s energy source over to solar-based. We will be going through this step-by-step to keep things basic!

  • The first step is to engage in a consultation with a representative from the ION Solar company. This is an informal and friendly chat that will determine whether your home is well suited for solar-based energy. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that you might have.
  • The next step in the process is creating your own unique solar power system within your home. This will be done with the aid of the ION Solar engineering team, who will discuss all the possibilities with you in great detail and explain the process as they go. The solar power system can be tailored in order to fit your specific needs in terms of the energy within your home in general and how you can incorporate the new system whilst still maintaining maximum efficiency and energy output. Again, the engineering team- and the other in-house professionals at ION Solar- are able to assist every step of the way.
  • The third step in the process is the approval of the solar system design. The ION team will go through the custom system design process and make sure that everything is set in place in accordance with your required specifications. As well as this, they will also thoroughly explain the premium solar equipment that will be used, such as microinverters and top-tier solar paneling. This is particularly helpful to give you a grasp of the technology behind your new solar power system, as well as helpful when it comes to informing you on how to utilize it appropriately. Once this discussion is complete and the designs have been improved, the ION Solar permitting team will then begin the communication process with your town or city to acquire the necessary permits to prepare and complete the installation.
  • That’s it! The final step is to enjoy your new solar-powered home and reap the benefits of the more ecologically stable power source, including lowered energy bills as well as significantly increasing your eco-footprint.
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Ion Solar

Ion Solar
Source: Ion Solar

Where Does ION Solar Operate?

ION Solar operate across the following states in the United States:

  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia

As you can see, the company works across a wide range of areas! They are hoping to increase their reach in the future, which seems very possible with the need for more environmentally friendly energy options in homes, businesses, and pretty much any building that you can think of increasing day by day.

Pros And Cons

Now that we have all of the information on ION Solar, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of using the services that the company provides.


  • An ultimately more cost-effective option.
  • An eco-friendly energy alternative.
  • The help and guidance of ION Solar experts through the entire process.
  • Premium solar power systems and premium installation.
  • Your own, custom solar power system that is built entirely to your specifications and your energy needs.


  • Costly upfront, although it will become a viable investment.
  • As simple as the engineers and ION professionals make it seem, it is still going to be a lengthy and taxing process to completely switch over the energy source for your entire home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Realistic Benefits To The Environment With Solar Power?

This is an understandable question, as companies will often throw around a ton of business like spiel and jargon in your direction in regard to the environment to make their product sound environmentally sound.

Most of the time, they just hope that the buzzwords will stick long enough to prevent any further questioning!

However, ION Solar is a business that is very open and informative in regard to the impact that the switch over to solar power can have on the environment in realistic terms.

ION states the carbon dioxide offset from a switchover to their solar power systems would be around the same amount as an acre of 78 trees.

That is pretty amazing for one household, and there is no doubt that this kind of switchover will have a large impact on your personal eco-footprint.

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How Much Does Solar Power Cost With ION Solar?

The company argues that if you are able to afford the utility bill that you are paying now, then you are likely to be able to afford the switch over to solar power.

They also claim that there is no out-of-pocket cost to begin with, which is an ideal scenario, though not entirely feasible.

However, the costs of engineers and for the solar power systems that are specific to your home will drastically increase the price in the long run, so make sure to always keep that in mind (as is the case with custom-built services such as this).

In the long run, solar power is a cheaper alternative so if you can afford the initial costs- that ION Solar will talk through with you in detail- then eventually you should be able to see a payoff to your investment both financially, personally, and environmentally.

How Long Will It Take To Complete The Switch Over To Solar Power With ION Solar?

This will of course vary as each individual case is different- with some requiring more specialized arrangements than others depending on the complexity of the switch around- but ION aims to complete any and all building work within 60 to 90 days.

This is an approximation, but it is useful to know that the company does have a ballpark figure that they strive to uphold.

There is also the matter of obtaining permits and utility authorizations, which is a completely external factor. This -along with the complexities of any electric changes or system design modifications- could lead to a lengthy process.


ION Solar seems to be a reputable company with a meaningful goal of cutting costs on utility bills with an eco-friendly energy alternative. Their process is well-thought-out and thoroughly explained to their clients via their professional staff of in-house employees.

The initial costs might be a little high and the entire process of switching over to a solar power system is certainly going to be a time-consuming and at times frustrating one, but the positives far outweigh the negatives in this regard.

ION Solars charitable work, alongside their desire to offer the most cost-efficient and ecologically sound energy alternative, suggests that they are a company with high standards and high moral values.