Oil and Gas

The energy industry has traditionally implied either oil and gas or electricity and power. What makes cars go and keeps our lights on without (hopefully) interruption. While oil and gas companies differ greatly from power companies, these are massive markets worth more than $1 trillion that is ready to be disrupted by entrepreneurs. The 3 main driving forces behind this are: 

  1. Generational crew change or “silver tsunami”. New employees in energy will demand as much functionality and seamless technological powers as can be found on an iPhone.
  2. Power of software. Mark Andreesen coined the expression “Software is eating the world”, and energy is not immune to this force revolutionizing every industry.
  3. 80/20 rule. Supermajors used to invest heavily into internal research and innovation with minimal investment into sourcing external technology. This has become the inverse meaning the industry is looking to entrepreneurs to solve BIG issues.

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