Solar Vs Geothermal (Pros + Cons)

Geothermal vs. Solar Street signs

Hydro, solar, and wind-powered energies have seen some important developments in the last few decades; however, another renewable source, geothermal energy, works on a completely different process from the other types. But how … Read more

Geothermal For Cooling (Here’s How)

Geothermal diagram of pipes underground to a house

Geothermal Power has been in the news lately, as many households are turning to this power source to provide their domestic energy requirements. At first blush, this struck me as positive but puzzling: … Read more

18 Geothermal Energy Pros And Cons

Geothermal heat pump water tank and pipes

Geothermal energy is constantly positioned as a renewable energy also-ran – a technology that looks permanently stuck at the edge of a breakthrough. Yet, proponents swear by its potential, and the burgeoning investment … Read more